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Updates Fail / No Bug Fix

This has been updated 4 times and still no bug fix! Keeps kicking me out when I win the first tournament,and gets stuck on solo game mode. Please fix...actually fix it this time!

App freezes upon launch...

All the skip-bo apps freeze when a attempting to launch a solo game. It attempts to interact with game center and thats been broken since ios update 9.2.2. Please REMOVE game center from all skip-bo apps and maybe they will run again... Even after this latest update the app still freezes... :( And I love this game... :((( When are you going to REMOVE Game Center and maybe the app will work? I miss playing...


With IOS 9.3.1 the app works great! I love being able to play again.....


Love this game


The game seems to be ok

Skip Bo game

This is a fun game to play

Little problem with May 12, 2016 update

I love Skip-Bo!! But with the new update on May 12 the game is acting up a little. Sometimes when the computer plays a 12 the piles dont clear off the board. If I play an ace it will clear off, but the ace doesnt stay there, then you have to play a 2 on an empty spot. Other times the computer players were able to place a 2 directly on the pile on top of a 12 without placing an ace. When I tried this it wouldt take it, only during the computers turns. But...I LOVE this game!! Thanks!

My fav

It always been my fav games since I grew up never stop play with that games


Ugh cannot play in solo mode any more. Worked fine for a while. Rebooted my iPad and it still doesnt work. Please fix this issue. I paid for this and now it wont work. Even with two updates this game is not working please fix the Game Center issue so that solo mode is playable. Just the tournament is available and with the limited amount of coins make play about 5 minutes. I feel ripped off severely!

Good gameplay. Bad everything else.

The gameplay is great however the constant ads and useless push notifications make me dislike the game. There are now two useless ad/Facebook screens that I need to click past to play and Ive paid for this game.

What happened with the update?

So glad the tournament was fixed! Lots of fun!

Love it!!!

Love this game....very addictive!

Wheres my upgrade?

Ive had this game for a while. But now since the upgrade I am having ads every few minutes. Ridiculous

Brings back memories

I grew up playing this classic card game. I love how I can now play on my phone. The multiplayer mode is a little glitchy, but other then that its five stars for me:)

Passes time quickly

I downloaded the free version first, but like everyone says the constant ads are unbearable. I fortunately had som gc credits and paid for the ad-free version. I mainly bought the game to play against friends. While Ive been able to add 1 friend, we cant figure out how to get the other ones synced up. Its kind of a pain that you can only find friends on fb. I dont usually like to sync fb up with apps either, but I went for it. The game,itself, works well. Its quick and easy to learn. You can adjust the speed of the cards being dealt, which is a useful tool. I cant say whether the ad-free version is worth buying out of pocket. I wouldnt have played the free version with the constant ads and I wouldnt have bought the app if it werent for my credits.

Great fun

Great fun but should Be able to get coins with wins

Fun, but tournament too expensive

When I got the paid version I didnt expect to have to pay a lot just to play the tournament. You can only play once or twice a day with the free coins. To buy another chance is a dollar. 10 chances for 3 dollars is the only other option. I feel that is way too expensive when Ive already paid for this version of the game. Tournament is also extremely difficult, so many tries are needed. The solo play is kind of fun, but I was hoping there would be a way to play against other humans live. Playing against computers gets old quick. I would have spent more time with the free version but its literally unplayable with ads after EVERY round (every player plays a card, ad, play a card, ad, etc). Overall disappointed.

Great game

Love this game

Like the game

This is a great digital version of the card game. I like playing. I wish there was a way to regulate the difficulty so that my grand kids could play without it being too difficult.

Great app!

This is a great card game app!

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